Posted by: King Bee | April 27, 2005

Feeling Nostalgic…

On the drive in this morning, I heard NSYNC’s It’s Gonna Be Me and it had me feeling a bit nostaligic. If American Idol can theme the night “The Last Five Years”, then I can certainly consider this song and video nostalgic. It has been 5 years this month since my life was changed forever by my six weeks in Memphis. I remember the night I met Lance for the first time, he had just shot this video three days prior. Nsync. Memphis. Ribs. Chris Noth. Wild Bill’s Juke Joint. Natalie Cole. Stomp. Wynonna. The mayor. The Rock and Soul Museum opening. Beale Street. Dancing on the street corner for tips. Diver down. Graceland. Amy McKenzie and her mom. Fried Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwiches. Kristin Day. Mika and Stacy losing their dinner in the parking lot. The drive home from the stranger. Throwing up in the cab. Judy Bouley’s maternal love. Easter in Nashville. KFC Chicken and Biscuits with strawberry jam, the hangover cure. An experience like no other. It feels like a lifetime ago.


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