Posted by: King Bee | April 28, 2005

A Sad Day In America

I am seriously in mourning. First was the election results in Novemeber where George was elected a second term. Now comes the second biggest blow, the departure of my Constantine. This makes me scared to live in this country. America, what has happened to you??? Are you afraid Scott will eat you if you don’t vote for him? Or worse, beat you like he did his “Baby’s Mama”?

Must go sit quietly now…


  1. Even though Constantine was not my favorite, he certainly should have beat out Chubbs and Vanilla. Argh! Let’s move! America, you suck!

  2. What IDIOT watches this show anyway? This and all of the reality shows comprise all of the basic stupidity of the American population. How stupid can we get folks?

  3. Does this say that I am an idiot for watching, or are you saying that the audience is full of idiots and that is why he got voted off??

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