Posted by: King Bee | November 4, 2005

You make me want to shoop!

True true highlight in my life…

Not only did I get to see Salt N Pepa sing tonight (they have not played together in over 7 years and were adamant about never performing together again)… but during Shoop, Pepa put the mic to my mouth so I could sing, “ooh, ooh, ooh!”. Then, as if that weren’t enough, when we met them backstage she said she loved how into it I was and that she couldn’t resist putting the mic to my mouth. Sometimes I can be such a teenaged fan! They are legends. They are phenomenal. My hat is off to Dave Pinsky from Motorola who truly gave me a night to remember!




Shaking their tiny asses off!

The man who made it happen, Dave Pinsky

and my new friend Alan Cumming, just for good measure 🙂


  1. i hate you.

    i LOVE them! you are so lucky, you bitch. 🙂

    what is alan like? dig the photo.

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