Posted by: King Bee | November 13, 2005


Everyone always asks me what I do… finally, I am proud to say, “I make movies…”

(click the photo for a desktop wallpaper)

I finally saw this movie last week and I can not urge EVERYONE enough to go out and see it. Many studios didn’t want to make it because they thought it would feel too dated since it takes place in 1989. Who could’ve predicted that in 2005, we would still be fighting so much hatred and intolerance? This movie isn’t about drag queens, junkies and AIDS. It is about friendship, love, support and heart. With these things, we can overcome and rise from the ashes to live our best lives. Be the best person we know how to be, no matter the circumstances and hardships we were born or fell into. Everyday is a new day. Just remember to live each day to the fullest with heart and kindness. And always take time to measure all that is around you… How do YOU measure a year?

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