Posted by: King Bee | December 26, 2005

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays…

I decided I wasn’t buying or giving any presents this year.

I also decided I wasn’t going to send out Christmas cards this year.

If three ghosts come and visit me on Christmas Eve, I will chalk it up to too many martinis…

However, I was bound and determined to send a heartfelt and very detailed email to everyone, thanking them for all that they mean to me and for all of the great experiences I have had this year. That was, until this very moment when I realized I am completely late and need to get out of dodge and won’t be near my work computer which houses my most current address list (three highlights that I refuse to let go by quietly are Joy taking me to Italy– there aren’t enough words of thanks in any language; the girls taking me to Chicago and getting to dance on Oprah’s stage— Heidi, I love that you were by my side; and my birthday night when Joey and Lance performed Bye Bye Bye with the sushi staff, followed by an impromptu Deborah Gibson concert where she put the mic to my mouth during Electric Youth— I am speechless that this is my life). So with that said, I am going to have to (I am sure gladly to most of you) keep this brief.

I am beyond humbled at the friendships that I have made and maintained this year. It has been a real challenge for me, but thanks to that little column of mine (Love Handles over on and a whole lot of soul processing, I can finally declare that I feel and receive all of that love y’all share with me and my heart runneth over. It is my goal and hope that as I come in contact with each and everyone of you on our journeys that I can return the favor.

I know it has been a rough year for everyone. There have been great changes, great challenges and for some even great complacency. Knowing how hard the end of last year was for me, I couldn’t have predicted that I would be embracing my life the way I have. I pray and wish and hope that as 2006 gets under way, you are each are able to recognize your greatness and how much you mean to me and that you are able to roll up your sleeves and make the most of yourself. I know it’s Oprah’s, but I have given her plenty of other credit this year, so my wish for you is that you live your best life possible and anything I can do to make it better, I am absolutely there for you. God knows, you’ve already done that for me. I can’t wait to see what is in store for us all… onward and upward!

I wish you success, I wish you happiness, I wish you abundance, I wish you kindness, I wish you love.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays with all of my gratitude and devotion…



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