Posted by: King Bee | January 3, 2006

Shannon Elizabeth Takes On Tangerine

Know When To Hold ‘Em In 2006
By Joel Stratte-McClure

It was definitely considered chic to get out of town on New Year’s Eve to party in Las Vegas.

One Vegas hot spot was the new multimillion-dollar poker room at Caesars Palace, where Pure Nightclub held a daylong tournament. Hosts were Nicky Hilton and “Entourage’s” Kevin Connolly. Others attending included Shannon Elizabeth, Lance Bass, Jennifer Tilly, Benjamin McKenzie, Ashton Holmes and some professional card players.

Recently divorced Elizabeth, who wore a diamond on her left ring finger, was the big winner and took home $54,747.

What was the first thing the vegetarian and animal-loving actress did with her winnings? Ordered a healthy room-service dinner before changing into a saucy flowered corset top, black skirt and knee-high boots to host a New Year’s Eve party at the Tangerine Lounge & Nightclub, arriving with 12 close friends in tow. Elizabeth stayed close to “good friend” Bass throughout the evening but joined DJ Grandmaster Flash for the New Year countdown. But she refused to spray the crowd with champagne when the clock struck midnight.

“I hate it when someone does that to me,” Elizabeth said.

That was just one of the highlights from my New Year’s Eve… how was yours??


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