Posted by: King Bee | January 27, 2006

oh Sundance…

Just a few pics that popped up on WireImage this morning that I thought I would share from the weekend… I am too tired to say much more (I haven’t slept since yesterday morning at 9:30am)…



  1. You and Lance should date. You make such a great looking couple! Why won’t you consider it? Are you just too good of friends that it wouldn’t work?

    Love you site and columns, btw!!

  2. Thanks for thinking that! I wouldn’t mind having a popstar for a BF, but alas, I would need to find a gay one and one that I didn’t consider so much like my brother and best friend…

  3. I see your stalker is catching up to you… 😉 Mischievous lil guy, isn’t he? YOU look fantastic as always. 🙂

  4. OH…sorry about that. I just assumed taht he was out after always seeing him on Kathy G’s show and with you. Well, good luck to you bud…I’ve really enjoyed reading your column last year in OUT. It’s weird tho, it seems like we know you now even tho you’re a total stranger. At any rate, sorry about the assumption…take care of yourself!


  5. Baub – milwaukee loves you!

    What’s up with US Weekly photoshoping you out of the pic with Shannen & Lance? How is erasing someone who should never be erased so easy?

    xo the milwaukee contingency

  6. Why are Shannon and Lance not dating? They’re amazing together. You always look so happy in pictures. It’s wonderful. ❤

  7. i’m jealous…kiehls grab bag….

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