Posted by: King Bee | January 30, 2006

I’m Going To Be All Right

This weekend, my friends flew me to Tahoe after I bowed out of the trip due to a lack of funds. There is something very humbling about your friends wanting you to be with them so badly that they are willing to do anything to make it happen. While flying into Reno, there was horrible turbulence. In my mind, I began giving myself up to the plane and to fate should anything happen. I was willing to accept that it was meant to be. In that same moment, I also reached for my notebook.

I am happy to say that I landed safely and had a beautiful weekend with my equally beautiful and treasured friends. In my moment of release, this is what landed in my journal…

i see the snow capped mountains
tranquil beneath me.
my heart beats heavily
as it seeps at the seams
overflowing with so much love.
i look out at the expanse of the land.
contemplating my place.
my presence.
my friends wait for me to land.
to arrive.
i’m such a microcosm in the world
until i view it from the window.
suddenly it all seems so small.
it reminds me to think.
to question.
to realize.
it’s not about my fame.
my popularity.
my riches.
it’s not about my struggles.
my bankrupt fortune.
it blooms from my kindness.
my consideration.
my openness.
my willingness.
my yearning for connectedness.
i shine my light.
it warms.
it heals.
it brings comfort.
my friends reciprocate.
they fill me with their light.
it recharges me.
gives me strength
to continue and carry on.
to believe in myself.
to honor myself.
to cherish life’s blessings.
i stare out the window.
the beauty of the earth below me.
acknowledging my place.
my legacy.
my hope.
my light glows from within.
i’m going to be all right.



  1. i am definitely going to have to print this one out for a gentle reminder when i go astray.

    thanks. 🙂

  2. Though I think you should have stayed home and taken some “Bob”time, I’m glad you had fun. I’ve never been to Tahoe but from your poem it sounds like I’ll have to go. Isn’t it amazing, the beauty that’s out there? Isn’t it amazing, the beauty inside oursleves?

  3. God, I love reading you… You have a gift for putting things in perspective. xo

  4. I’m just glad someone’s reading 🙂

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