Posted by: King Bee | February 8, 2006

My confession of the day…

My friend Paula (far left) finally got to meet some of her all time heartthrobs and faves, INXS, at a recent radio event in Seattle. Here she is with Garry and JD. I know it seems sacreligious, but I kind of like that new JD character.

I will never forget when Paula and I saw INXS in Seattle… I think 1994? hmmm… Paula? I seem to recall I hadn’t come out yet, which would’ve made it ’93… either way, I will never forget being pressed up against the front of the stage and all of the hands that went flying in the air when Michael Hutchence came near… I took the opportunity to run my hand up his thigh… yep.
I did it.
I said it.
I can still feel his leather pants.
He was a rock God.
It will always be one of my more proud accomplishments!



  1. how pervilicious!

  2. JD’s cool, but I still wish Marty woulda won.

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