Posted by: King Bee | February 13, 2006

On my way to being a Gelebrity…

My gorgeous friend Lisa Foxx at Star 98.7 has pulled through and put me on the air Friday nights in a new segment called, “Big Gay Baub’s “It” Things To Do In Los Angeles”.

To listen to last Friday night’s clip, click here (if it doesn’t open automatically, you can right click it and save the mp3 to your desktop).



  1. OM>>>>>>>>GOD
    Spec (FU@%*%ING) tacular. AMAZING. I love u. Only the real thing could be better then the Memorex.

  2. fun!

  3. do we hear DJ Baub in the future? you did fabulous!!! xoox,christa

  4. Oh my God, BAUB Radio is a reality.

    You MUST use the song.

    B is for Bob
    A is for Alright
    U is for Uncontrollable
    and B is for Bizarre
    Put them together and what have you got?? BAUB Radio.

    XOXOXO Paula

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