Posted by: King Bee | February 23, 2006

Keeping the Sizzle sizzling…

Okay, so Sizzle has thrown down the gauntlet, so I am facing the challenge and going public with my Top 10 American Idol predictions.

I was really excited to see the guys go at it last night (watch it), but I have to say I was a little disappointed. They didn’t bring it as well as I wanted it broughten, with the exception of Taylor. He has my vote to make it in the top 3 without question. I like his attitude, musicianship and I am even letting go of the fear that he might tip over at any minute from leaning too far to the side.

Other notes:

  • Brenna has got to go. It is obvious she was just let through for TV purposes because in addition to being highly annoying, she can’t hold a note.
  • Ace can mow my lawn in his underwear whenever he wants (even though I don’t have a front lawn. I’ll grow one).
  • Kellie Pickler makes me cry everytime she is on the screen. I don’t need her to win, but I need her to go far. I know her drive to make something of herself while her broken family looks on. There is something to be felt making something of yourself out of adversity.
  • Chris got my vote not just because he sang a Bon Jovi song, but because he knocked it out of the ball park!
  • Paris has some serious pazazz. I am looking forward to watching that little girl spread her wings.
  • And as much as I loved Mandisa’s performance of Heart, I was very concerned by the fact that no one mentioned she looked like she showed up for the performance disheveled and in her sexy undergarments (read: second job). A new wardrobe and she will definitely go far!

And here are my hopes and predictions for the final 10:

1. Taylor Hicks
2. Kellie Pickler
3. Paris Bennett
4. Ace Young
5. Chris Daughtry
6. Lisa Tucker
7. Jose “Sway” Penala
8. Will Makar
9. Mandisa
10. Ayla Brown



  1. Details, details…. I still beat you to it. xo

  2. no elliot? he’s got an awesome voice. i like will but he is so fred savage meets bobby brady.

    🙂 s

  3. I haven’t watched it this year yet. Been olympicfied. I will start watching it next week and give you my two cents.

  4. *giggles* you are too cute for words sweetie

  5. WHo is that guy in the picture with you??

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