Posted by: King Bee | February 25, 2006

That’s my girl!

Int- Gay Night Club

Three friends (Jessie, Bob and Freddy) are soaking with sweat as the music swells to reveal Kelly Clarkson’s high thumpin’ dance version of “Because of You”.

That’s my girl!

Jessie, Freddy and Bob smile and dance around wildly as the chorus erupts into never straying from the sidewalks.

Int- Gay Night Club – one hour later

’80s diva Tiffany is on stage singing “I Saw Him Standing There” and doing her trademark right angle with her hand around her face dance move.

And that’s my girl!

To Be Continued…



  1. i need to see this trademark move in real life because i am having trouble picturing it. 😉

  2. LOLOL Doing her trade mark move I didn’t know she had one.

  3. Tiffany? For real?? How wrong is it that I wish I was there?

  4. You can watch the video here:

  5. I’m still waiting to see you wiggle your tush…

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