Posted by: King Bee | February 27, 2006

My head is getting smaller.

My first lesson of taking a photo is to always stick your chin out. I used to feel that was enough, but lately, I have been having issue with my head looking bigger than everyone else’s. Recently I figured out that by keeping my head behind the person’s I am taknig it with, my head will actually look smaller. The problem is, there is definitely a technique that I am still needing to work through. For example, if you scroll down to my picture with Tommy Chong, I am too far behind and look like I am photoshopped in after the fact. So in an attempt to make it look like I am definitely with the person, I have made sure my head is closer to theirs so it looks like we are next to each other. This pic made me laugh so hard because I look so ridiculous. Don’t you think I should have noticed my head was being cut off when I couldn’t see through Constantine’s hair??? RIDICULOUS!



  1. First you tried to grab Constantine’s ass. In this one, you have that evil look like your going to kiss him.

  2. it’s a good look tomato. you could lick him from there.

    🙂 sizz

  3. Just for the record, I wasn’t trying… I succeeded 🙂

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