Posted by: King Bee | March 2, 2006

Note to self:

I need to write here more.

I need to write more in general.

I always feel better after I have written. Somewhat accomplished.

My thoughts become tangible.

Like little pills that I can swallow and share with my friends.

Pills that we can let sit on our tongues and slowly dissolve while we absorb them or swallow whole to quickly digest.

I want to be as disciplined about my writing as Sizzle. She not only writes from such a place of heart and emotion, but she does it daily with diligence. Every day as I open her blog, I am immediately inspired to sit at my own keyboard and begin releasing the thoughts that dance in my mind. By the end of her post, I am left with nothing to say because I feel she has already said it and I could never compete with her articulation.

I need to move beyond this in my mind.

For it is not a competition, it is a release. It is a place marker of how I felt that day, that week, at that particular time in my life.

Writing is so important to me.

I need to remind myself of this daily and make more time for it.

Exercising my brain is as important as time spent on a treadmill.

A cluttered mind is a terrible waste.

A sharp mind is a gift.

A bottled up mind is confused and chaotic.

A released mind finds clarity and perspective. Comfort and resolve.

Must write more.

Must, must, must.



  1. just let it flow. and be true to what you hold in your heart.

    you can’t go wrong from that place.

    thanks for the compliments dear friend.


  2. Yes, she is an amazing writer. Like you I open her blog everyday with enjoyment.

  3. You’re the one who told me the muse was exhilarating… I would love to see more of your writing.

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