Posted by: King Bee | April 7, 2006

Blessings and miracles…

It needs to be written on record that today was one of the greatest days I have lived in quite some time. Not necessarily great because I cured cancer or won the lottery, but because as each minute clicked, my smile remained intact. At certain moments it grew larger, but at no moment did it leave my face.

I spent this afternoon at a taping of CBS’ Game Show Marathon. Based on the confidentiality agreement I signed and the fact that seven people read this site, I can’t say what I saw or who won. But I can tell you that I walked by each of the ***American Idols at one point, and more excitingly, I can also tell you that I got to meet, hug and have my photo taken with a living legend and a true love of mine, Betty White. Even now as I type this, I can not believe I am standing there with my arm around Rose Nylund. She couldn’t have been anymore of what I wanted her to be… she was pure sugar.

After gushing over Sue Ann Nivens, I had some way overdue and much needed quality make up time with my friends Kathy and Matt over some spicy food. She’s been touring the country skewering celebrities and shooting the second season of her reality show. I’ve missed Tuesday nights at Wings watching the Amazing Race, but I can see those nights returning in the horizon… and that again is keeping my smile curved.

I also ran into that spicy model, Adrianne Curry and thanked her for the opportunity to be seen every 20 minutes on national television wiping chocolate cake off her breasts (it appears in the pilot episode of VH1’s My Fair Brady). It’s really no coincidence that when I finally saw this pic, that she and Kathy would both be holding their breasts. If I had known, I’d be cupping mine as well!

And then for my final *hat trick of the evening (wait for the pun… it’s coming), my friend Heather invited me at the last minute to join her in a box at the Staples center to watch the Los Angeles Kings play the San Jose Sharks. My two home teams going skate to skate and I am sad to say, the Sharks won. Not so much that I begrudge San Jose winning, but because it means there won’t be anymore Kings games this season.

I know, it seems unexpected, but there is something about going to hockey games that seriously makes me so happy inside. I would love to say it is as simple as the cute players, or even the fact that the guys in the crowd of a hockey game might very well be the best looking crowd in sports. However, those are just the toppings to my happiness- well that and the fact that the Staples center has my favorite chicken fingers in Los Angeles and tonight I ate one of the most delicious pieces of chocolate cake (and anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE a good piece of chocolate cake. The Betty Crockier, the better!). But I digress- I actually like watching the game as they chase each other up and down the court and slam each other into the glass. Of course I also realize that the more I try to say it is just for the sport of it, homoerotic undertones seem to still be prominent. But maybe that is for the better, sometimes people need to have a better understanding in order to be okay with the fact that I do indeed like sports.

And with that excitement out of my system, I have to go pack. I leave tomorrow for Vegas for Maxim’s 100th Issue Party and poker tournament. My goal for this one is to make it through one table (last tournament I was fourth out… babysteps!). So wish me luck and I am sure to have more stories when I return on Monday. Of course I probably won’t be able to share them since what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas… in the meantime, know that I am going to bed with a most satisfied smile on my face! 🙂

*did you catch the pun? I went to a hockey game- ‘hat trick’ is a hockey term. Get it?

**Also, if it feels like I am bragging about my day, I don’t apologize for that. It isn’t that I am saying my day was any better than anyone else’s, but for me, I am taking note and not taking for granted how truly blessed and happy I was today.

***As much fun as I make of him on TV, Buckey is much cuter in person, however listening to his cell conversation, his hair might not be the only thing he has in common with a cocker spaniel– his brains might just match. I am also happy to report that Taylor is already looking way better than he was when I met him a few weeks ago.

And finally, I do have to say a very special thank you to the man who has made it all happen…


  1. Ok First are you and Lance lovers? Second tell Betty “Rue said hello she is my ex Matthew’s step aunt.

  2. those are some great pics!

    what a fantastic day- i mean, chocolate cake, hockey AND rose?! yay!!

    lance’s teeth are blinding me in that last photo. but in a good way. 😉

    xo sizz

  3. AAACK!! Betty White, one of my faves ever to be on the best game show ever, Match Game. (Second only to the incomparable Miss Fannie Flagg)

    Are you still losing weight?? You look fab in your pictures!!!

    kisses, paula

  4. I know it doesn’t seem as interesting, but Lance really is just one of my best friends… he is like a brother to me. We all know that even back in the day my eye wandered from JC to Joey and these days… well… what do you call it when you love someone unconditionally, but after you have had to leave the room because of their farts and they are no longer attractive in that way?

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