Posted by: King Bee | April 13, 2006

Dr. Phil Who?

It’s official, I was finally a guest on a talk show. I’m talking about my appearance yesterday on QTN’s The Reichen Show. I felt like Dolly Parton in the movie Straight Talk right around the time I was introduced as, “Bob Merrick: Friendship and Relationship Advice Guru”. I wanted to crawl under the couch and not come up until the show was over.

Fortunately, I quickly settled into my new title and found myself doing just that- dispensing my opinions and beliefs on relationships and friendships for an entire hour- it was just like talking to my friends on the phone. I even forgot we were broadcasting live and just let myself be. My only kerfuffle was when I caught myself in the monitor and realized there was a camera capturing my profile. I HATE my profile. I will make sure that camera isn’t there the next time I am on. They can call me Streisand, I don’t care.

Also, I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a guru, but at the same time, I was never short for words and felt completely comfortable. I’m thinking this might be an excellent time to start writing my book: The World Through My Eyes. Whatdya think? Too Depeche Mode?

Most people weren’t able to see the show (the network still hasn’t finalized their deal with a lot of markets, including Los Angeles), but never fret. I will have my own DVD copy soon and as long as I am not too horrified, there will be screening parties wherever possible! Hopefully this was just the beginning (fingers crossed). I have zero qualms about becoming the gay Dr. Phil. In fact, I don’t care what they call me so long as they are willing to give me my own TV show!

Unfortunately my shots from the show came out blurry, but you can get the idea. Especially in that first one. You know I’m talking when my hands start flailing! Also on the couch with me is Reichen’s co-host, Dr. Lesley. She was a lot of fun and a wealth of information. You can check her out on her new website: Dr. and send her an email! She loves getting it! (But then again, who doesn’t??)



  1. i know how you loathe profile shots. 🙂 it sounds like it was a lot of fun. the idea of you being the gay dr. phil actually seems pretty right on target. you always have excellent, hard hitting advice for me.

    and to think, someday i can say i knew you when.

    🙂 sizz

  2. told you so.

  3. Straight talk, straight talk
    and hold the sugar please…..

    Since I can’t be there for a viewing party, I will need my own copy OR you can bring it with you when you come visit!

    Of course it was a perfect fit. You’ve been doling out advice about everything since high school. =)

    XOXO paula

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