Posted by: King Bee | June 17, 2006

Something that makes me smile….

Getting to see Deborah Gibson sing and the smile backstage she gives me when she sees me. Definitely going in my book of happy thoughts…

and just for the fun of it since she sang it tonight…



  1. funny… I was just mentioning her to someone else tonite….

  2. It is pretty cute when she sees you and smiles…

  3. reminds me of laying on the cold cement of Colby avenue with you, Glenn and Courtney, up all night and shivering… For 4th row seats at one of the grandest of shows! And might you remember, Mr. Merrick, what it felt like to watch Miss Gibson, at her glowing white grand piano, rise from the floor of the stage, the crowd hushed in an energetic anticipation that makes me smile in memory. Oh, to be 16 again. Thanks for jog down Memory Lane.

  4. it’s a far cry from you in your electric youth t-shirt and bright yellow shorts!

  5. Hey Bob, I read your earlier post that only a handfull of readers actually post. Well — let it be known that I not only read, but am posting as well. Love your site. (love Deborah G) Shake your love.


  6. Sigh, now that song won’t leave my head. Ah, memories of waiting outside Carousel Music for concert tickets as the person above mentioned?? Good times…although I never waited for Deb, just New Kids.

    Hee hee!
    Kisses, paula

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