Posted by: King Bee | June 29, 2006

many birthday thanks…

I don’t know where to begin. I’m sitting here in my 900 degree house watching my brand new DVD collection of Spydergames and buried beneath the biggest mess of wrapping paper and presents. Bottles of wine, vodka and champagne stand at attention, while fresh tomatoes, books, a duck call, Sprinkles Cupcakes and a sprig of good luck bamboo litter my coffee table. My new hunting vest has become a nest for the many gift certificates that will keep me shopping for a year. A huge slice of my favorite See’s Candy Cake begs for me to dive into it. It looks like Christmas morning, but instead it is the day after my birthday. Oh, and the reason I am able to watch Spydergames while I type this is because I am sitting on my couch using my brand new laptop. I need to write it again just to make sure I didn’t type that wrong. I am sitting on my couch typing on my brand new lap top! (My friends seriously bought me a laptop- words can not define their generosity or my amazement)

It is an overwhelming feeling to be loved. It is mind boggling the effect and power compliments and well-wishes bring. I am so dizzy from the love and attention I have received in the past week. The Madonna screening. The Superman Premiere. The Young Playwright’s festival. Joe’s birthday. It has been a full birthday week of laughter and good memories.

But nothing can make anyone feel better than last night. How did I get so lucky? A room full of friends all wearing the biggest smiles and shining their brightest lights. Friends of friends so excited to meet me, as if they already knew me.

In this town of back biting, gossip and loneliness, it is hard to find one or two good friends. But as the photos below show the many smiling faces who showed up to have a drink with me, it is a true testament to how fortunate I am. I am surrounded and supported by so many fun, interesting, fantastic and wonderful people. I sit in awe and great thanks for all that you continually do to show me your love year after year.

Thank you for your amazing gifts, your kind cards and your beautiful phone calls, text messages and emails. You have no idea how much it all means to me and I don’t take one word of it for granted…

I am humbled.

I am thankful.

I am blessed.

I am finally crawling out from under my hangover.


(below are just a few of the many photos from Tuesday night)


  1. There’s one of me leaning into your chest, where it looks like I drooled on you. But overall, you know some GORGEOUS people.

  2. These are some fuuuun photos! Feeling like a dork that I misssed Rosenbaum… and apparently Brandi, and mark, and WENDY.

  3. Looks like so much fun!! All those wonderful friends celebrating a wonderful you…. doesn’t get ANY better than that.

  4. As I was looking at all your friends, those people that give your life richness, I couldn’t agree more with your assessment. Someone once said, “a man who has friends has everything.” I sit here in my rented room without A?C working on two masters degrees that I felt were robbed from me in my younger years. I lost my wife, my family, my friends not because of anything else they did, but because I never knew what it means to be a friend. Life is pretty empty without them; it has now been five years without hearing someone say how proud, or loved, or any of those thing’s that were taken for granted. But, you didn’t get all thses friends by accident, you must have those qualities that people enjoy and give them somthing in return. Good for you…good for you.

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