Posted by: King Bee | July 25, 2006

How was your weekend?

It was a roller coaster weekend, but a good one none the less. Any time you wake up with a man in your bed (and one that you liked well enough to let spend the night), you are off to a good start. Carrie and I had brunch at one of my favorite outdoor eateries, the Riverside Cafe. I love their food and I love the outdoor patio. What I didn’t love was the heat. With the sweltering temperatures already over a hundred by noon, it was easy for Carrie to talk me into seeing a movie with her.

We saw My Super Ex-Girlfriend. Sadly, the best part of the movie was the air conditioning. I really wanted to like it, but it just didn’t have any substance. And I don’t want to be mean, especially when it comes to personal appearance… but is it just me or did Luke Wilson look a little puffy in the movie? Like maybe he is drinking a little too much? I recognized those cheeks on Tara Reid. Fortunately his one ass shot made up for a lot and definitely looked fantastic!

After the movie, I headed off to the gym. Must get in shape. Must feel better. Mustn’t die old spinster. After a good sweat, I headed off for a Thai Massage to get rid of this kink in my neck that won’t go away. Speaking of kink, some of those positions they put you in… well… let’s just say, I wish I had had the massage before Friday night!

After my massage, I raced home and dressed for APLA’s big charity event where my friend Deborah Gibson was performing. She looked and sounded great. I’ve even gotten used to the idea that I know her and that she is just Deb. But halfway through her performance, she brought out a friend to sing their new duet together. It was Jordan Knight from New Kids on the Block. Now, I have met Jordan a few times over the years as well and it has always just been nothing special (his brother Jon was always my favorite- who was there by the way, but I never saw him!). But having both he and Deb on stage together, my head was dizzy and I swear I had a Peggy Sue Got Married moment making me think I was back in 1989. Neither of them have aged a day and they both sounded fantastic. I didn’t get any good pics, but I did manage to capture a little video…

To hear the entire duet, visit Jordan Knight’s myspace page. It’s nice, I like it. I don’t know that I would ever want to duet with her, even if I could sing, because I think she just sings circles around everyone!

Also on hand, my friend Lisa was presenting the top ten bartenders from the various West Hollywood bars that had been auctioned off for charity (they raised an impressive $27,000). There was one in particular that was so hot and I couldn’t stop trying to figure out his familiarity. Then I realized it was the bartender from my birthday that I apparently licked. And by apparently, I mean the photo says I did and I am pissed that my brain forgot! So of course I made him pose with me (and I managed to keep my tongue inside this time which wasn’t easy between the panting from the heat and the insanely hot men). This heat must be doing something to my libido. I never talk about men this much, do I?

Sunday still had no rest for me. I woke up at nine and headed to breakfast with my friend Abby and her children. She and I realized we have known each other eleven years from our time working together at Navigation Technologies. How is that possible? I was so young and eager back then!
After breakfast, I once again made it to the gym (I know, believe me, I am only mentioning it so much because I am just as shocked!) and then it was off to Revolution’s company party at the Lucky Strike Bowling Lanes. It was so hot in there. They had the airconditioning set to 65 degrees and it was still 84 in there. The buildings can’t even fend off the heat! I bowled an unimpressive 62 during the tournament and somehow pulled out a 122 when we were “bowling just for fun”. Typical.

Then I barely had time to shower and change and head back to Hollywood to see my friend Nick perform his routine at the Comedy Store on Sunset. There were about 20 comics each with a seven minute set and for whatever reason, during Nick’s (and only Nick’s) set, the lights went out! As if he wasn’t nervous enough! I felt awful! Although, I do think it helped him, because he became most natural when he joked, “am I really that bad?” and found his vibe with the audience. But I have to admit, I still am having unpleasant thoughts about him humping that stool.

And don’t think I didn’t stay up and watch Big Brother, Entourage and The Simple Life until two in the morning. It’s no wonder I am always so exhausted and it answers the tired old question, “Bob, what is it you are always so busy doing that you can never return my calls or emails?”



  1. Sounds like you had a great weekend!

  2. I give massages like that all the time to friends and family…I didnt realize it was called: Thai Massage. I just do acrobatic stretches all over their body, using balance, rolling and pressure…hmmm, maybe Ive found a calling. They say Ive got the best butt bone for massages ever…but maybe thats too much info, lol.

    You have a cool blog by the way.

    Later, J.

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