Posted by: King Bee | July 27, 2006

Talladega Nights!

Last night was the Talladega Nights premiere at Mann’s Chinese Theater. The movie is hilarious and I think will play amazingly in middle America. Will Ferrell is hysterical as usual with stolen scenes by Molly Shannon and Sasha “Ali G” Cohen. I was starving during the movie especially as they indulged constantly in white trash and fast food throughout. You can imagine my happiness when we arrived at the afterparty where banquets of mashed potatoes, Bologna sandwiches, a nacho fountain, hot dogs, tacos, Rally’s Burgers, peanut butter and banana sandwiches, homemade Ding Dongs and rice krispy treats were just a small sampling of what was available. The entire back wall was giant video screens playing race track footage while classic rocks blared out of the speakers. It was everything I remembered hanging out in Indianapolis to be! And my friend Steve said he wouldn’t have sushi with me until he got a mention on my website… Well here you go Steve… Photos and all!

as always, click to enlarge

(l to r: Kelly, Steve, Me and Dawn)

the actual cars from the movie…

So what do you say Steve? Can we go to sushi now?





  2. your time at the gym is working for you. you look great.

  3. Love the pics Bob. You have such a wonderful life.

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