Posted by: King Bee | July 28, 2006

Once the rumor spreads…

Once the rumor spreads,
the truth is just a thing of the past
– Olivia Newton-John

I can not believe how many messgages and emails I am receiving. I am just certain I am going to get in trouble for clogging up a server somewhere. Obviously, I can’t respond to all of them, as it is I am doing my best to try and read them as well as do something called “my job”. And I swear, I am not turning my website into Planetlancebass, but one of the main questions/comments I keep getting is in regards to how Lance’s mom found out.

Typically, it is a topic that should just go to rest because really, does it matter? But because of assumptions that are being made that it was from a certain gossip website that I refuse to give any more attention to, I wanted to clear it up. His mother found out from a small blurb that appeared in Page Six and from there, began doing some research on the internet. It wasn’t too hard to put two and two together. But I want it known for the record, that it wasn’t the Gamorrean Guard of Gossip who is running around town with pride over the fact that he broke the news even to Lance’s family.



  1. i know who youre talking about and its good that youre clearing things up, that person has no right to say that they outed anyone, karma will come back to them

  2. I must say, that is a perfect likeness. Good job! 😉

  3. who the hell cares………….I just hope that he is happy & breathing easier now that he is out!

  4. Next that piggy is going to credit himself with global warming.


  5. He is mean for doing that,obivous he enjoy putting people down. That wasn’t the nice to do,he shouldn’t talk the little dork!

  6. Gamorrean Guard of Gossip

    Oh, that’s so great as is his official portrait. It’s really unfortunate that he thinks he should take credit for any of his part in this, since it was incredibly disgraceful how he has handled himself. Such a creep.

    Lance on the other had has handled himself with class and pride.

  7. Well, however it happened, I think Lance handled the whole situation unbelievably well. He always took the hi road. Did I hear somebody say this is the biggest ‘revelation’ since Ellen? Wow…

  8. OMG! Mr Laundry Mat really DOES look like that!

  9. Hey, is this that blogger of cuban heritage, and former ‘person of size’ that kept having stuff on his website?
    because if Kathy Griffin is not allowed on ELLEN because ELLEN says she ‘outs’ people, then Sr. H should stop being featured on E and all the other crap shows where they feed recycled crap to their minions.

  10. Gamorrean Guard of Gossip

    I like that. I still say we should see people as people NO LABELS!!!!

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