Posted by: King Bee | July 30, 2006

I could’ve been making money this whole time!

I am giving this a try to see how it works, but apparently, my blog will automatically start adding ads relevant to what I post. If you click on it, I will get money! Yep, that little box right at the top of my posts. I don’t understand it either, but I am certainly willing to see how it works. I just don’t know if it matters if I talk about Lance Bass coming out in People magazine or if I have to write specific things like, “that crunchy Skippy peanut butter is my favorite when I am at home craving a sandwich.” I guess time will tell! Either way, click away!



  1. I don’t see anything to click on Bob except the dancing tomatoes.

  2. I hope you get LOTS of money!! I’ll start clicking away every time I read.

  3. The ad engines hit the key words on the page. Same as any other tracking/ cookies based software. You blog ‘Lance Bass’, you get ads currently relevant to your topic. No specifics or endorsements needed, just the keywords are enough. Wonder what will happen the first time you blog the word ‘porn’

  4. it is at the very top of the blog…. it is always right above the top first posting… it reads “Ads by Google”

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