Posted by: King Bee | July 30, 2006

Thank God It’s Sunday!

So last week, I posted a pic of Matthew Mc Conaughey for Thank God It’s Friday. It was just a little pick me up to celebrate the end of the week. But I have rethought this and decided that Sunday is the day we need the pick me up as we begin our week ahead. In addition, it is also recognized as the day of worship. So from this Sunday on, I will be presenting, Thank God It’s Sunday, with a few photos of hotness and pick me ups. I figure since my traffic is up so much right now, I may as well give you a reason to keep coming back!

I have to admit, something about David Beckham is really growing on me (some pun intended). And I couldn’t decide on just one, so here are a few. And so I wasn’t alienating anyone, I also dug up some female hotness in the form of someone shocking even to myself. I had written her off as the tomboy little sister, but with her new face and hair, Ashlee Simpson has broken out of her shell and emerged quite the swan. Agree or disagree? Who do you think should be next week’s Thank God It’s Sunday?



  1. One can never go wrong Becks! 😉

  2. HOLY! I never knew. Thank the Lord for hot men. Heck, thank the Lord for not so hot men! 🙂

  3. Beckham is looking good. and Ashley is starting to look more like her older sis.

  4. Beckham’s above the ass tattoo gives me dirty thoughts. Worse is that it’s his kid’s name which makes me feel more like a freak, hehe.


  5. I have to say that David is one of the hottest footballers we have over here in the UK (ok spain now but we don’t talk about that) He is perfect; except, he has this whiney little girly voice that doesn’t match his looks at all. Maybe that is why Posh does all the talking. J/K, Becks is a National Hero in my books and god given the chance I so would.

  6. oohh he is sooo HOT!!!

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