Posted by: King Bee | August 3, 2006


This was written by a black guy in Texas and is so funny. So simple, so smart.

When I born, I black,
when I grow up, I black,
when I go in sun, I black,
when I cold, I black,
when I scared, I black,
when I sick, I ! black,
and when I die, I still black .

You white folks….
when you born, you pink ,
when you grow up, you white ,
when you go in sun, you red ,
when you cold, you blue ,
when you scared, you yellow,
when you sick, you green,
when you bruised, you purple,
and when you die, you gray.
So who you callin’ c o l o r e d folks??



  1. You know, he’s got a point. Like it or not.

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