Posted by: King Bee | August 7, 2006

Thanks a bunches!

I just wanted to take a quick moment and say thank you to everyone who has been leaving such great and supportive comments on my site. I really expected there would be some hateful ignorant words popping up, especially since everyone is posting so anonymously. But instead, you have all done nothing but gush with pride, love and understanding since last week’s People Magazine cover story. My “readership”, if you will, has gone up about two thousand percent. I have never felt so much pressure to write or post something interesting. A year ago I was happy if I posted four or five times in a month for the maybe thirty people who were stopping by. Now I am forcing myself to post at least once a day for the FIFTEEN HUNDRED who are glancing around. No pressure. I figure since you are taking the time to stop by, I may as well be a good host and offer you something to digest. Let me know if there is something more you want me to post and I will see what I can do…

Also, since I have brought up last week’s People Magazine, I need to send a few more shout outs of thanks to a lot of people. It was certainly Lance’s big moment, so I have no idea how I ended up so close to the fire, but with the gifts y’all sent, I’m certainly not going to complain! I know Lance still owes photos, but I can tell you that he received all of the flowers and care packages that were sent to him last week. I know this because somehow the first dozen arrangements were sent to me at my office. He and Joey came and picked them up and I had the rest re-routed to his house. Twenty-nine floral arrangements were on their way by 3pm last Friday. I have no idea how many more were delivered after that. All I know is, I didn’t even receive a Hallmark card when I came out! However, to whomever it was who contributed, I did receive a very generous gift certificate to one of my favorite restaurants in Los Angeles as well as a really cool cookie bouqet, where all of the cookies were decorated as tomatoes (THANKS ROXIES!). So even though they were sent as thank you gifts for getting the stuff to him, I’m accepting them as belated coming out presents!!

I’m sending out much thanks and appreciation for all of the love and support… and I know Lance has been swamped, but feels the same way (I will remind him today he needs to get on that one!).

With all of that said, I’m thinking we can go back to our daily lives since I am still of the mindset: is it really that big of a deal to be coming out in 2006? Surely there are bigger things happening in the world than a pop star coming out? Isn’t something happening in Israel right now? I could’ve swarn I heard something about a war in Iraq. Not to mention, in our own backyard, I keep hearing something about hate and intolerence, poverty, homelessness, and a shady government. Certainly there are more important things to talk about than someone’s private goings on in their bedroom?

I’ll start by giving you an international topic. Did you see yesterday’s Thank God It’s Sunday?? Discuss.




  1. Bob,
    I deeply apologize that we didn’t have a blow out for you when you came out. Next time you are in Seattle, we’ll go to mom & dad’s and do it up right….yes, 100 lbs of corned beef & cabbage.

    kisses, paula

  2. Funny how the chain of events happened. We (roxies) actually had been working on sending the gifts the week before Lance came out. So actually they were just a really friendly gesture to put smiles on faces but ended up being thank you’s and love and support. What a difference a day makes.

  3. Bob –

    I wanted to personally thank you for being a middle-man between Lance and his fans. You’re right that there are “bigger” issues facing the world, but it felt great to be able to take an immediate action to show my support of Lance. If I could afford it and knew it was happening, I’d send everyone who comes out flowers — they all deserve it in my book!

    Please do keep posting! I’ve been reading you’re site for a few months and I always leave with a smile on my face. Your positive attitude and irreverant attitude are very refreshing and I love getting small glimpses into a world that is so alien to my own.

    Much Love,
    (Daisy_Dust on Myspace)

  4. you’re awesome, Bob

  5. Bob…you’re my rockstar!!!

  6. you rock, you know? While I still whee about Lance, for various reasons, there ARE more important things out there.


  7. I still don’t know who did this for me… but I ought to thank whoever that is. It’s all good.

    I got a message from a friend saying that the anonymous person donated the money for the flowers, that went with others who bought and send the flowers for you, with my name on it was send out to you. It goes something like this… “Deaf_____”. Now you know.

    That’s pretty awesome!

    Glad you loved all the flowers you got! Don’t forget thank to Bob for helping out for your fans! 🙂

    Posted by fumanskeeto on Tuesday, August 08, 2006 at 2:27 PM

    Yes, it’s true. 😉 Thanks for helpin’ us out and glad he loved it!


  8. Bob… This might be the best time to share with you that it was YOU, so many years ago, that helped convince me to step forth into the big bad halls of one EHS and be myself, to sing, to laugh, to share, to stand tall and be me in the face of adversity and strife, Sheesh… Wanna feel old? That was nearly 20 years ago. Wow, how things have changed. I too remember not any flower arrangements or cookie baskets when I decided to confess ones adoration of the same gender. Hmmm… at least there appears equality in discrimination.

    (By the way, hurt my back camping and had to seek the services of the great Bill Schmidt, who sends warm wishes)

    xo melyssa

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