Posted by: King Bee | August 14, 2006


I just wanted to publicly say thank you to Paula and Janet for my coming out cards. I feel as though with this new found recognition, I can finally hold my head high as the proud gay man I was born to be! Too kind, too sweet… thank you!

And on another note, I went to the Barney’s sale today and used my salsa winnings to buy a pair of limited edition red suede Converse designed by John Varvatos. Sorry for the quality of the photo, it is from my camera phone and it really doesn’t do their cuteness justice!

I’m going to go walk around now…



  1. You are most welcome, I’m just sorry it was tardy. But you know me. Better late than never.

    kisses, paula

  2. Those are prrrrretty!

  3. LOL Love the shoes!!

  4. those shoes couldn’t be more “you” if you had designed them yourself. 🙂

  5. those shoes rock Bob!


  6. I’m glad you liked the card. I’m not very creative most of the time….but once in a while something strikes me.

    LOVE the sneaks.

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