Posted by: King Bee | August 15, 2006

Happy Medievil Birthday Mila!

Well, I can finally check off one more item on my great check list of life. I had dinner last night at the famous Medieval Times. It was my friend Mila’s birthday and she wanted something campy. I think it is safe to say, the place delivered! The food- so-so. The knights- they’ll do in a pinch (especially ours). The fact that they constantly addressed me as Lord- the most spectacular thing ever!

Walking in, you could just see the excitement on everyone’s faces, especially Mac’s…

And Nina was ready to get her drink on!

But nothing could cheer up poor Rory…

Stuck between these two knights, I certainly didn’t need any cheering up!

Say Cheese!

The birthday girl is such a little minx! meow.

Gary had a thing for the princess. Can you tell?

I told him he could have her and I would take our knight off her hands!

Our most generous and noble host. Grazi!

I got to sit next to the lovely lady Nina…

You can’t even imagine how disappointed I was to discover this wasn’t referring to chiseled body parts!

Really, a group this size is the only way to make the most of such an evening…

Happy birthday my lady… xox



  1. Lord Baub, have you lost weight? Meow, indeed!

  2. Lord Bob, dear god, we are in for it now.

    😉 sizz

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