Posted by: King Bee | August 17, 2006

Off the top of my head…

  • Happy Birthday: I know that today is Belinda Carlisle’s birthday (Happy Birthday Babe!), but I thought this was a cute little birthday tribute Rosie O’Donnell posted on her website yesterday to Madonna with photos she took from her last show.
  • Bad Drivers: Do you ever notice that when the car in front of you is driving like an idiot and you have to slam on your breaks to avoid hitting them, that where you would have hit them, someone has already beat you to it? Proof that they are the bad driver and not you. I wish we could tax them higher or force them to ride the bus. Yes, they irritate me.
  • I find this riveting: “I want to have only very limited comment on today’’s arrest because I feel it is extremely important to not only let the justice system operate to its conclusion in an orderly manner, but also to avoid feeding the type of media speculation that my wife and I were subjected to for so many years…the investigation of the individual arrested today in connection with Jon Benet’s death was discussed with Patsy and me by the Boulder district attorney’s office prior to Patsy’s death in June. So Patsy was aware that authorities were close to making an arrest in the case and had she lived to see this day, would no doubt have been as pleased as I am with today’s development almost 10 years after our daughter’s murder.” I know we all feel guilty because we have spent a decade thinking the parents were guilty (although dressing their six year old like they did is certainly questionable enough), but when is enough enough? As if these people haven’t already been through enough, people have already begun rumors that the man they picked up just admitted he was guilty because he was already serving time in a Bangcock prison and would rather spend his time in our moaccommodationsmodations. I think that father is one man who is long overdue and deserving of some serious peace and quiet.
  • Support a good cause: Again, I know it is Belinda Carlisle’s birthday, but it is my friend Jane Wiedlin who is the do-gooder of the day. By clicking here you can bid on a bowling date with her to support the fight against breast cancer.
  • The Name Record Drops: As my name dropping continues, my friend Tiffany has just emailed me to let me know her new album Dust Off and Dance can now be purchased at the Virgin Megastore. It’s a fun dance album… great for a fun night out!
  • Rumor Squashing: Lance has posted this comment on his myspace page: “So of course the lovely, supporting Page 6 wrote this week that R is using me for my money and his house is in pre-foreclosure (which there is no such thing). The REAL story is, Reichen sold his house over a month ago and had been in escrow for a month. It closes next week for all of those sooooooo interested in his house selling! lol I knew this was going to be a story because (and this is how these gossipers work) my manager got a call from some girl at Page 6 saying they were going to write that R’s house is in foreclosure. She said it is not and explained it was in escrow. The dumb girl had NO CLUE what escrow meant and thought that still meant foreclosure. So shame on them for not getting the real story and STILL writing the story. These “journalists” will write anything to sell a paper. Oh well. So bottom line dont listen to the gossip… hear it from the horses mouth. Theeeeenks! L”
  • And okay, so as I’ve mentioned, it’s Belinda Carlisle’s birthday… so to commemorate, here is one of my all time favorites of hers. I had such a crush on her with this video!



  1. Belinda smokes??

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