Posted by: King Bee | August 21, 2006

Quote of the week

The spontaneity continued. The four things I was supposed to do this weekend were all shot to hell when at the last minute, I scrapped everything and headed to the beach (yes, including the room cleaning and chores). I thought it would just be a Saturday afternoon thing, but now that it is 10:30pm Sunday night and I am just getting settled back home, it turned into more of a weekend thing. I snapped a couple of photos below. Need to keep them for my fading memory. Especially when I look at these faces that I love so much because they make me so happy. Good times.

Oh, and about that quote… It was a dinner party. Ryan had to run off to the airport to pick up his friend Kyle. Kyle was flying in from Chicago and was supposed to have landed in the early afternoon, but because of mechanical issues and what not, his flight was repeatedly delayed. Like any good frat boy, he sat in the bar and consumed libations. By the time he arrived at the beach house, they practically needed a large bucket to carry him in as he was nothing but liquid and ready to spring a leak at any moment (READ: DRUNK!).

After pouring his overdue and well needed beer and inappropriately sipping from someone’s champagne, he decided to regale us with the tale of his travel day. The multiple beers mixed with a xanax explained his behavior and insobriety. But unless he decided to admit to having smoked crack cocaine, nothing could have prepared us for his next statement:

“So then, they make another announcement that the flight is going to be delayed another 45 minutes due to mechanical errors. I mean, couldn’t they have told me something different, like, the flight will be delayed because there is a negro running down the tarmac?”

Yep. 24 years old. Raised in California. Not 82 and born in the south. I couldn’t even figure out if there was a racial slur or prejudice behind it because I was so jarred by the fact that in 2006 someone had used the word negro in a sentence. I’d be lying if I said that wasn’t the quote of the night and that it didn’t spawn a whole slew of ridiculous jokes about the bizarre traffic on the tarmac. Additionally, there were bets going on about how long he would last into the evening as well as when, and if, he would throw up. He lasted about 20 minutes past the tarmac quote and I was happy to learn this morning that I was right when I said he wouldn’t throw up. He had been marathon drinking since Friday night. He was barely hanging on to the planet with both hands, but I knew he had the endurance to go the distance. The last I saw of him today, he was embarrassed and apologizing profusely for his behavior. And not that I was counting, but he was finishing up his third beer in between sorrys. That’s my kind of vacation.

It was a fantastic time. Ross and Elise are the most perfect hosts. There is not one square of their beautiful home that they don’t share and encourage your coziness. Much love and thanks to them.

My-So-Called-Life is on right now and Jordan Catalano is teaching Angela how to drive his big red Chevy in a parking lot. Of course she is ripping the clutch to shreds and giving them whiplash. I am immediately reminded of the afternoon Shaunessy taught me the same lesson in her ’76 cherry red Mustang at the Campbell High School parking lot. It took me forever to get the hang of it, but eventually I did. I believe our lesson even ended with the same passionate kiss they shared. God that was a good time. Again, blessed to still be having them… xo (I thought it would be fun to post a pic from that era there to the left)

matt, me and stacy

blissful justin and stacy

just as blissful, justin and elise

oh ross

that’s my p.i.c.



  1. Bob, I’m really glad you had fun and all but where the hell is the Sunday hotness? Or is that him in the black tank and green bandana? Hmmm?

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