Posted by: King Bee | August 24, 2006

Let’s Get Interactive!

I’m getting ready to interview my childhood idol, the lovely Deborah Gibson, for and I want to give you the opportunity to ask her a question! Just click on comments below and as long as I find the quesion appropriate, I will be sure and include your question during my interview!

The interview will be taking place in the next 24 hours, so act now! (I sound like an infommercial!)

And I promise, a real post is coming soon… xo



  1. I’ve been racking my brain & it’s so hard to come up with something original.

    The first things in my mind are… what are you working on & when will we get another album outta you, missy? 🙂

    But that’s kinda standard/boring, right?

    Then, the little 13 year old inside wants to ask how her sisters are? Cause you know DGIF kept us apprised of them all thru the 80s. Especially Denise. (She was our age).

    Then there’s the question I gave to the Only Olivia guy who interviewed her for an upcoming newsletter, which is… What’s the deal with bonus tracks, and how is it Japan seems to get them all? (No idea yet how she answered). 🙂

    I’d also love to thank her for the “Memory Lane” cds. That’s such a wonderful gift for all the diehards out there, and such a unique thing as an artist that she’s in a position to offer. Hopefully there’ll be more to come. A dvd video compilation would be nice, too.

    Ok, here’s the question I’ve come up with. She clearly appealed to lots of little gay boys out there, from way back. When did she first realize that she was becoming a gay icon? And how did/does she feel about that?

    Here’s another one. What one song is she proudest of? Maybe one that not too many have heard, a b-side or a non-single track.

    What’s she listening to on her ipod? 🙂

    Have fun, Bob! I know you will.

  2. What was it like performing in a the play Grease, and was this always a dream of yours?

  3. Are you still skating?

    Many of today’s younger stars can’t seem to keep themselves out of the tabloids. You hit it big at 17, and you always maintained yourself as a positive role model. How did you do it?

    On a personal note, I listened to you when I was 17, and just last month my 7 year old asked for her own Electric Youth cd. I’ll buy her Debbie Gibson over Britney any day. 🙂

  4. My questions:

    (1) If you were 16 today, would you audition for American Idol, or would you still go about it the way you did then (the hard way)?

    (2) I am a zillionare who is going to stage a revival of the Broadway musical of your choice, with you in your fantasy role. What would it be?

    (3) Who is the tallest fan you’ve ever met? (Baub, please supply the correct answer to this stumper if Deb does not know)

    (4) If you could record a duet with any person, living dead or fictional, who would it be and what might you sing with them?

    (5) Would you ever consider releasing that song Howard Stern made you sing on his radio show– possibly something about anal sex with Satan– as a bonus track? (I can’t exactly remember the song, but ten years ago it horrified me; now I think I would find it hilarious. For soooo many reasons.)


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