Posted by: King Bee | August 25, 2006

Happy Birthday Cora Faye!

Today is the birthday of one of the most important and valuable people in my life.

Of the hundreds of people I am lucky enough to call, “friend”, and the thousands of people that have passed through my life, she is one of the rare few who can say, “she knew me when”.

She has known me for sixteen years, exactly half of my life.

She spent an entire summer filling out Caboodles contest forms to win me a date with Debbie Gibson.

She “tutored” me through economics and government. Without her, I may have never graduated high school.

She made my 17 year old dreams come true by delivering me Belinda Carlisle naked in bed.

She has cried with me, she has laughed with me, she has danced with me, she has taught me, she has encouraged me, she has loved me, she has embraced me, she has strengthened me, she has formed me, she has inspired me.

She remembers when I forget.

We can be miles apart.

We can go months without speaking.

But within the blink of an eye, a phone call, even an email, we are instantly connected.

Our love and bond transcends, it is only our events that need to be caught up.

She is a true treasure and this year has been no exception to that. This year has been a reminder of the strength and importance our relationship carries in my life.

I would like to honor her today on her birthday, for having been and always being one of my true friends and touchstones…

Happy birthday my beloved.

Sending you caboodles of love and stuff like that there.





  1. Hey Sari,

    You are a brilliant light in our universe. Have a great birthday weekend!

  2. Love you like a sis always! Happy Birthday Foxy! Love, Roxy 🙂

  3. You were one of the best parts of my teen years. For that I will always treasure you. I hope your life is full of all of the happiness and love you deserve.

    Mark Shaw

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