Posted by: King Bee | September 18, 2006

Even MORE Big Brother 7

I couldn’t believe it. The day Lance Bass came out, my website hit it’s all time record for hits in one day: 1836. This past Saturday, word must’ve gotten out about my video I had shot at the Big Brother wrap party of Howie and Chicken George and their light saber duel, because my site received a whopping 5,865 hits! So, even though I said I was Big Brothered out, I present a new batch of photos from the wrap party and the after party at Geisha House. (thanks to my friend Mandy!)

Also, I would like to point out Alison’s outfit. She could’ve worn just about any belt with that outfit, instead it looks like she is wearing an aluminum air filter! It drove me crazy all night.



  1. thanks for posting more pics! 🙂
    Too bad Janie/Will didn’t hang out at the party.

    Did ANYONE get a pic of Erin Brodie? lmao

  2. Yes, word gets out when you post celeb stuff. Why do you think your birthday pictures from 2 years ago are now plastered all over the internet?

  3. Imagine the photos I don’t publish and share with the world!!

  4. Good for you. Some things are just too special to share.

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