Posted by: King Bee | September 19, 2006

Vote for my friend Willa on Dancing With the Stars!

Hello everyone! Let me start by saying thank you to those of you who voted last week, and to everyone else you HAVE to vote tonight and tomorrow.

Call from every phone line and vote online with every email address you have (you can vote 11 times per phone number and 11 times per email address)…my call in number for the rest of the competition is 1-800-868-3406!!!! Vote online at …I have links on myspace and on my official site (check it out at – just updated with a new forum for you to join also (thanks to Audrey, Aline and Steph for getting it ready to be the official message board!).

So get to voting!- no matter how hard I rehearse and how well I do, without your votes you won’t get to see me shake my thing! So please (yes I am begging) vote! I have stepped it up a notch and I am not messing around, I want to give you the best show I can in the short amount of time I have to learn such a foreign dance. Performing is everything to me and I want to get the chance to improve and learn as much as I can from my awesome partner, Max. I am very lucky not only because he’s the hottest guy on the show (haha) but because he is the hardest working dancer and expects so much from me. I am in this to win and even though I was in the bottom 3 this week it only means victory will be that much sweeter! I will push harder now than ever before to show people what Willa Ford is made of and who she really is. Your love and support will drive me to the finish line! thank you, thank you, thank you!

Tonight’s mambo is going to be hot…guaranteed!

xo Willa


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