Posted by: King Bee | September 21, 2006

God love the Daily Mirror…

Nope, not photoshopped. But they aren’t talking about me, they are actually referring to her short new shag (which I believe is just a wig for her new video for Jump), but either way, it is a dream come true headline!

And while I am on the subject, I would like to clear up something I posted the other day. I said Madonna is the one person I never want to meet. I can’t believe how many tongues that has made wag, but it was also a good gauge to see just how many people are reading my little words I post here. Many thought that it was because I am finally over my Madonna love… but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Since the very early ’90s, Madonna has been the one person I never wanted to meet, for the very reason that I don’t want her to be humanized. She has been a pillar of support for me since my childhood and I owe a lot of my strength and success to her. Much the same way someone in say AA might turn to Jesus in their dark moments, I turned to Madonna at a very early age.

Now hold on a minute. Don’t take that out of context. I am not calling Madonna Jesus or even calling her a religious figure. I am however saying that she was someone whom I could always count on when I was scared or feeling alone or weak. That moment you are in a dark alley talking to yourself and hoping you make it out safely, a Madonna song would drift through the air and remind me I would be fine if I believed it to be so. Not to mention the years I spent raising myself, I could always count on her for inspiration and exposure to things I may have never thought of or tried. Even if they were things I didn’t like, she always taught me to question and try. And as much as I don’t rely on her these days, I don’t want that one thing taken away should I ever be stranded in that dark alley again.

She gets a bad rap for a lot of things and rarely credit for the good. But I have no shame in acknowledging all that she has meant to me. And now thanks to the Daily Mirror, I can see she feels the same!


and thanks Ray for the pic!



  1. ’bout time it was declared on the pages of a rag. 😉

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