Posted by: King Bee | September 23, 2006

What’s it all about AL-fie?

Last night I ventured out again to celebrate my friend Alfonso’s birthday at a small gathering at my friends Grant and Polly’s. I’m still having a Hell of a time breathing (I will write more about that later) and I am so bored with being an old granny in the corner having to watch all of the action, but it doesn’t mean I don’t grab a good photo op when I have the chance! I’m off to Santa Barbara for the weekend to visit some friends and attend a wedding. Maybe the Santa Barbara air is just what my lungs need! Happy weekend everyone! xox

Here are some of Al’s Celebrity Duets cast members. Al was excited when I confirmed these would be on planetbaub. I don’t know why I still pretend in my mind I am doing this website for like five of my friends from high school! And who knew Hal Sparks had such a long tongue??

Our hosts… the generous and lovely, Polly and Grant Show…

The birthday boy and the lovely Lucy Lawless

Polly and Al were having a serious Michael Jackson Off the Wall moment…

Lucy and her sweet daughter Daisy

Have you ever seen a pizza look so good?


  1. Happy birthday, Alfonso.
    And dear Bob, please take care of yourself. You are so very precious.

  2. wow! Isn’t that Grant Show? He looks different than he used to be in Melrose Place show days. What a hilarious expression, Hal!

    Is that Wayne Brady? (in the 1st pic) I need to kick his former producers’ butt for NOT to kept the promise to those 10 high school students who supposed to get Disneyland tickets and $50 bucks. They hoped to have a final resort to Disneyland and spend $50 bucks on Prom night. 😦 They felt so advantaged and ripped off. *shrug* They were invited to perform the cheerleading routine at Wayne Brady Show where we won the international champion. I’ve been trying to get ahold of him and tell him about it.

    Have a lovely week

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