Posted by: King Bee | September 25, 2006

Joanne and Russ tie the knot!

This past weekend, my friends Joanne and Russ were married in one of my favorite cities, Santa Barbara. The ceremony went off without a hitch. The weather was perfect and the blood orange martinis were delicious…

my friends mary and erick who were so kind as to let me stay with them. their new home was so gorgeous, the four seasons would have felt like slumming! as soon as i got there, we headed off for a late mexican lunch and in the courtyard was a fountain of living turtles…
(all the photos enlarge by clicking on them)

joanne gliding down the aisle…

dawn, myself and bonnie. i told myself i wouldn’t be drinking, but it was the only way to cope with my inability to dance.

you know how much i love cake AND red is my signature color!

we were the willing testers as the bartender (david) invented the blood orange martini

she’s my bonnie bee…

and her man steven…

the only way to enjoy cake is to cut it…

amber alert! i promised her she’d make the website!
but why is my jacket popping out like that?

this is mary and me just seconds before I drove home.
i’m seriously considering relocating there.
yep, I said it.

now for this woman. you have never in your life seen a photographer like this. she never once crouched and during the ceremony and dinner, this was exactly what you saw every time you wanted to take a photo. isn’t the photographer supposed to be stealth and unobtrusive?


  1. beautiful bride, beautiful wedding, beautiful pics, beautiful Baub.

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