Posted by: King Bee | September 28, 2006


I am going to be arrogant and assume it is because of all of my fantastic friend’s votes that Willa and Maks are still in the competition! So I thank you and I know Willa thanks you. She couldn’t be happier and neither could I!

Get a load of this blurb from they mentioned our T-shirts!

Romance Alert!

It seems there’s more off-the-dance-floor chemistry brewing between the Stars partners. A source tells us that sparks are flying between Willa Ford and Maksim Chmerkovskiy. “We have a great relationship,” said Chmerkovskiy. Ironically, the judges told the pair to do more bonding on the dance floor. “We rehearse more than any couple here and just because we go to dinner afterward, we shouldn’t be penalized,” said the singer, whose pals sported pink T-shirts that read “Willa to the Maks.”

We gave her a full interview, but we must not have said anything too interesting!

Can’t get enough of my mug on the boob tube? I was at the taping last night of Celebrity Duets (I’ll write more about the experience after it airs). I am down in the front facing the far right of the stage and sitting with Grant Show. The camera was up my nose a few times, so you should be able to see me at least once. Oh and while you are at it, you can vote for my friend Alfonso if I haven’t worn out my voting favors…




  1. you’re welcome. And some of us never tire of seeing your pretty little mug.

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