Posted by: King Bee | October 5, 2006

Come on world there’s a song that we’re singing…

I have so much to say and I don’t know where to begin. For starters- I can breathe. Do you wanna dance?

After months and months (since April to be specific), I have had asthma. It started with a sinus infection that I didn’t know I have because I have post nasal drip. So instead of coming out my nose, it has been draining down my throat and into my lungs. This in turn has triggered adult onset asthma. I am sure you are wondering to yourself, “well if it is such a common ailment, why did it take them so many months to figure it out?” Good question and I am so glad you asked.

I passed my initial breathing tests (because my condition hadn’t been as severe at the time). So as time was marching forward, I was passing more tests and coming up negative for possibilities all the while my lungs were getting worse and worse. Right before my doctor shipped me off to my first pulminologist, he had given me some low dose asthma medications to get me through the weekend until said appointment. Then by the time I saw the first pulminologist, he focused and blamed my breathing on the post nasal drip and assuming it was allergies, put me on Allegra and told me to continue with the asthma medications my doctor had given me.

Now before I bore you (since there are more fun things to chat about), I will just cut to the chase. I hated the treatment and lack of care the first pulminologist was giving me, so I got rid of him, went to a new one and also took myself to an allergist (where I found out I’m not allergic to anything but the pollen from an olive tree and cockroaches- meaning my post nasal drip wasn’t allergy related). Every time I took my breathing tests, they were only coming up as constricted and nothing else could be figured out. All the while, I couldn’t breathe. Literally. Turns out it was because the meds I was on were at such a low dose, they weren’t helping, but were just enough to mask what was really wrong. Sorry, I nearly sneezed up a lawsuit, but because there is an end to the story, I just want to keep moving forward.

So last weekend, I had to stop all medications for four days. It was, needless to say, a rough weekend (where on top of it, I flooded my kitchen, spilled a can of red bull on my desk and watched my cat throw up while running across my living room. Anyone remember spin art? That paint you would splatter on a spinning piece of paper at a carnival? Seriously. Rough.). But, I pulled through, retook my tests, was properly diagnosed and am now back to at least 90% normalcy with my breathing and movement. It is my goal to get on a treadmill this weekend. Who would’ve thought I could ever crave or be so excited to do that!?

So what this means, is that since around June, I have been walking around with a constant asthma attack. Some moments worse than others. For the many of you that have it, you can relate to how unbelievably miserable I have been. And before I go any further, I want to thank everyone for their patience, love and support as they have watched me hobble along. Now in the great words of Ren McCormack (Kevin Bacon) in Footloose, “Let’s dance!!!”

Continued sharing…

Last Sunday my dear little friend Hannah turned 20. I am so sad that she isn’t so little any longer but so proud and thrilled with the woman she is becoming…

And I will say thanks one more time. Even if it was only one or two of you who actually did it, thank you for voting for my friend Willa on Dancing With The Stars. I thought she looked absolutely gorgeous and elegant as she waltzed her way across the dance floor. I didn’t make it to Tuesday night’s taping, but I did join everyone for dinner after…

But yesterday, my friend Bonnie and I did make it after the judges asked Willa and Maks back for an encore presentation. I have to admit, the results show is not for me. If you think it is dramatic at home on TV, it is way worse having to sit in the same room with the people and to be celebrating your victory at your table while the one to your right mourns it’s loss. I’ll be watching that at home from now on. We also got reprimanded last week for wearing T-shirts (we can all thank Vivica’s family for that since they made T-shirts, but only held them up as signs), so I used it as an opportunity to wear my new velvety smooth suit that Ross and Elise bought me for my birthday.

And finally, last night was the Animal Avengers fundraiser. It was a glorious night. Sound melodramatic? Who cares. It was outdoors, the evening was gorgeous and so many of my friends were housed under one roof. Oh, and I danced a little without getting winded. The biggest irony of the night was when I found myself standing under a large olive tree. No joke. Who puts an olive tree in the middle of a club? Fortunately it wasn’t pollinating, so I was fine!

I’m not sure how much money we raised last night, but for any of you who couldn’t make it, but wanted to contribute, visit the Animal Avengers website. It’s been a rough year for fundraising after everyone has donated so much to Katrina. It’s not about making one more important than the other, but as you know, every penny helps and is needed.

I have finally perfected the ability to take self-portraits with my digital camera. Unfortunately it also now looks like I am a cardboard cut out that gets passed around from person to person. But who cares so long as the picture is cute? Enjoy! I’m off to take a stroll outside and take in some fresh air! xox



  1. i wish i could dance with you! come for a visit now so we can live it up. of course you can’t wait to exercise, maybe this is god’s way of making you appreciate and like exercise. wouldn’t that be a riot!? ha ha.

    love you!

  2. Wow, glad to hear that you’ve been diagnosed FINALLY!!! Asthma, I have it too but not as severe. Breathing is a good thing, yep, a very good thing.

    Glad to see Willa’s coming back. And you are right, she looked wonderful. They did a GREAT job this week. You are so lucky to live where you can actually go see the show.

    Sounds like you had a very busy night. Like the jacket. I’m a HUGE fan of velvet. LOL. You sure have a lot of famous friends there. You are one lucky guy.

  3. So happy to hear that you finally have your breathing problem under control! I have a lung condition that took over two years to diagnose. Part of the condition resulted in asthma, so I can relate. I’ve been thinking about you a lot.

    Love all the pictures and am glad that Willa is still in the running. Sounds like you are keeping busy!

    Take care! – Barb

  4. I’m glad you’re doing better. And that you finally know what was wrong. I know how it can feel not knowing what is wrong with you.
    Love the Animal Avengers pics, especially the ones with Lance and of course you!!


  5. Oh Bob… That is fantastic news! So glad you’re feeling better! My thoughts have been with you every day.

    And a big thank you for sharing your pictures.


  6. I’m so glad the problem seems to have been solved!!! Breathe baby, breathe!

  7. I’m happy to hear that your feeling better

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