Posted by: King Bee | October 8, 2006

Get your hands in the hair like you just don’t care

One of my favorite people on the planet swooped in this weekend on business and I took him out for a night of play! My friend Eric and I headed down south to the Kingdom Party at Disney’s Gay Days. It was, no joke, the first time I have danced in months. To put it into persepctive, it’s the first time I have danced to Sexyback. Yeah, that one. It felt so good to boogie woogie again! What probably didn’t need to happen was the camera in my pocket. But since it did…

We danced…

and we danced…

My friends put their guts into throwing this event every year, especially my friend Jeffrey (we took our pic on another camera). I want to thank him for inviting me and all of his hard work and encourage everyone to come out (no pun intended) next year! Jonathan, Brian and Drew also deserve a major HOLLA!

the gorgeous and wickedly talented Jennifer Hudson performed songs from the upcoming film version of Dreamgirls

and then… well… there’s that damn camera again… no rhyme, no reason… but we were laughing so hard in between each pic, I don’t want to forget them!

For starters, here are those sinus scans I needed…

and partly yes, because we wanted to see how many times I could make “the face”!



  1. Lucky! I know how fun it is to dance with you and Eric at the same time!!! A little slice of heaven.

  2. Looks like you had a BLAST! Glad to see you could breathe through it all.

  3. I love that you got to dance and more than that, that you got to dance with Eric. Yay!

  4. I’m so glad you’re feeling better. 🙂

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