Posted by: King Bee | October 9, 2006

There’s a new Sheriff in town!

Yesterday morning, I had breakfast with my friends Mika and Amy. We all met and fell in love many moons ago while working on the movie Cast Away in Memphis. It’s funny how circumstance throws people together and before you know it, you can’t imagine having lived your life without them. These are two of those people…

Another one of those people is my friend Joy. After breakfast I grabbed Eric and we headed out to the middle of somewhere and watched her kids compete in a horse show. I was obsessed with horses when I was little and in fact even competed in 4H. It was fun being a part of that again, but nothing was more fun than seeing Joy’s husband Sean in his uniform. He’s gonna kill me for posting them, but how can I resist? Just seeing these photos just makes my heart grin.

It’s a family affair…

I loved this sweet stolen moment with Joy and her little friend Ethan.

almost as much as I love the fact that Eric had to use an outhouse!

memories of Italia…


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