Posted by: King Bee | October 24, 2006


My friend Nancy did it again. Every year she throws one of my favorite Halloween Parties.

It’s small and quaint, but full of fun people.

Can you hear me now?

Andrew before and after quite a few potions…

I was so surprised when Matt wanted to wear a costume that barely covered his naughty parts. Not!

My friend Elisha is all grown up.

Even more so is her 14 year old sister Taylor!

Shane made for a very drunk Peter Pan while Jamie was a very willing victim.
I think Eric was finally heard.

Don’t be scared. It’s only a mask.

The reason for everyone’s drunkeness was Cheri the Mad Scientist. I think she was drinking the dried ice by the end because I could barely understand her. She always makes the party a little more spicy!



  1. Um…as an active reader, I’m curious…who exactly is this Andrew guy?

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