Posted by: King Bee | October 25, 2006

BAUB: Origins, Rebellion, Redemption

sharing an IM conversation from this morning:

baub vs bob, spill it
what’s to spill?
you mean what is the origin of Baub or which do I prefer?
you kill me
you definitely make my brain work
a little too much this morning… I tried to read your blog when I woke up.
note to self: must go back later after my coffee that has been spit up all over my desk kicks in
when I was in high school…
a scrawny little scamp I was
i finally started making friends (had a fairly friendless childhood)
I was shy and awkwrd
probably because I was so girlie when it came to booger and fart jokes
took a lot of therapy to type that word
so the first friends that i made were of course the “alternative/goth folk”
somehow I fit in with them even though they were all in black and listening to Depeche Mode and the Cure
I started wearing all black, but never gave up my Debbie Gibson and Madonna
and then in their rebellious state, they all began changing the spelling of their names
mind you, I was 14
so my friend Amy became Aimee, Dory became Doree
so of course Bob had to become Baub
it lasted for about six months
but while it was in effect, it was bad
once a teacher wrote a note on my paper saying, “great paper Bob!”
and I returned it to HIM with the proper spelling!
can you imagine?
so after I came to my senses, the spelling felt embarrassing and I quickly retired it
until sometime in the early nineties, a friend from that era reminded me of it
and instead of shunning it, i embraced it
and it sort of became my “personality monicker”
that’s funny, same with mine.
hated it when i was younger and hid it from people, now some of my closest friends call me it

and THAT my friend should be your next blog



  1. Some how my friend, it’s hard to imagine that sunshiny smile that lights up your face, belonging to a goth group.

  2. B is for Bob

    A is for Alright

    U is for Uncontrollable

    B is for Bizarre

    Put them together & what have you got? BAUB Radio!

    God I miss that.

    kisses, paula

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