Posted by: King Bee | November 4, 2006

Oh Robbie!

Christina Rocks While Robbie Shocks

Motorola celebrated eight years in Hollywood with an off-the-hook bash at the Hollywood Palladium Thursday night. Under the guidance of Moto’s David Pinsky, the ballroom (which shows its age) was totally transformed into “the hippest club in Hollywood,” as one of our group noted. It was a Desperate Housewives beefcake bonanza, as the recently departed Jesse Metcalfe and new hottie Josh Henderson were there (as was Nicollette Sheridan, who plays Henderson’s aunt). Paris Hilton made a splash when she entered the event, and we also spotted Backstreet Boy A.J. McLean, Dominique Swain, Ivanka Trump, Lost hunk Rodrigo Santiago, and more America’s Next Top Model contestants than you could shake a stick at. As the crowd waited for a live performance by Christina Aguilera, we maneuvered close to the stage, where we caught up briefly with Queer as Folk’s adorable Peter Paige. But conversations were cut short when Aguilera, looking sculpted and fit, came out and tore through her set, which included “Ain’t No Other Man,” “Lady Marmalade,” “Beautiful,” and “Fighter.” The gay boys around us were having apoplectic fits (we won’t name names, but they should maybe not drink quite so much so they don’t hit the nice straight girls in front of them as they wave their hands enthusiastically in the air like they’re 12). But while Aguilera, who starts her world tour shortly, was phenomenal—we continue to be in awe of how such a big voice comes out of such a tiny body—the real highlight was when a friend of ours followed Robbie Williams into the bathroom (no, it wasn’t us; we’d never stoop so low—we’d just report on it). Let’s say our friend was impressed with everything he saw except for the fact that Williams didn’t wash his hands after he finished his business. Not surprisingly, the consensus among every gay man we shared this detail with was, “I’d still sleep with him.” source



  1. i am so happy i got the text first. 😉

  2. There is something about Robbie Williams that I’ve always been attracted to….but this news is not it. Ewwww.

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