Posted by: King Bee | December 17, 2006

I need some Toddlehouse eggs.


So I keep promising to blog and I keep not blogging.

Because it has been so long, there are so many things swimming in my mind I could talk about and I am not sure which would be the most interesting.

We never chatted about seeing the Dixie Chicks or Barbra Streisand. So I suppose we could talk about that. How brilliant I thought it was when the Chicks entered the stage to All Hail The Chief or how dizzy I was sitting eighth row center at Streisand. If that isn’t a gay man’s fantasy, I don’t know what is.

We could talk about the holidays. How are you holding up by the way? I am one ghost visit away from uttering,”bah humbug”. I have decided I am completely against presents. Well, Christmas presents anyway. There is just no way for me to give to all of my friends anything of value that would represent the worth of their friendship. Even to give all of my friends a gift under ten dollars could end up costing me thousands. So it is better to not give or receive as far as I am concerned. Instead, I want to enjoy the parties. The friends I haven’t seen in months. Laughing over good food and a smart cocktail, unlike last night when I had too many stupid cocktails. My stomach is not pleased with me this morning. I’ll take it to breakfast soon and hopefully it will forgive me.

We could chat about the weather. I am housesitting for a friend. The bed I am typing from (I know, so decadent) is about four feet off the ground, giving me just enough leverage to see for miles into the horizon through the large bay windows. Oh yeah, I am on the third floor (did I mention decadent?). The air is cold and crisp and the sun is shining. Whoever said Los Angeles is ugly has never been here during our winter. The sky is crystal clear and the air has just enough moisture to add a little green to the landscape. It sure beats shoveling snow or the windstorm that knocked out Seattle’s power this week.

We could talk about my new job and how much I love it. I have never been busier and I have never been happier (hence the lack of posting). Sure, I’m a little scared about my tasks ahead for the new year, but nothing is worth doing if it doesn’t mean something and stimulate you. Does that make sense or am I really that hungover?

We could talk about the cover of the new Esquire magazine that reads: The Meaning of life. That reminds me, I have been working on a blog about God. I am looking forward to posting that one and getting your feedback. I always enjoy receiving your feedback. Makes me feel like I am not typing to myself.

We could talk about New Year’s resolutions. I really need to put mine in writing this year. I always mean to. I would be curious to see how I did this year. I had such different expectations of 2006 and was taken in such a completely different direction. I’ll definitely get working on that one soon.

We could talk about how my dear friend Sizzle started a blog revolution last Friday by asking everyone to reveal their online blog crush. Is it too late to reveal mine? I do have a little one. On a straight boy that I don’t even know that I actually discovered through Sizzle’s blog. It is a healthy crush. I just appreciate his love for General Hospital and his ability to craft his words so beautifully into the most heart wrenching and romantic prose. I think the girl that gets him is going to be a lucky recipient to his generous heart. Have I gone too far in my gushing? Who knows? Maybe he is a serial killer and the blog is all a front. Is that better? No, I don’t like thinking that either. How about, he writes all of these romantic words but he is actually really kinky. Yes. I like that much better. I digress.

We could talk about the Tater Tot casserole I made to celebrate my childhood friend Matt’s birthday this week. How every time I talk to him on the phone my mind is flooded with memories and even though we don’t talk often, there is a familial feeling that grounds and centers me. Maybe I should talk to him more often for that very reason. A resolution perhaps?

We could talk about my real life crush on a boy. A boy I actually know. A boy who seems to have a crush on me in return. A boy who has been making my heart smile a lot lately. Perhaps 2007 will finally reveal that boyfriend I am always dreaming about.

We could talk about all of these things. And perhaps we will over the next few weeks as the holidays offer me some time to wax poetic and breathe. In the meantime, this will have to be enough for now as I am starving. I think I need potatoes and maybe some bacon. Mmmmmm bacon. Maybe a BLT. Maybe some Toddlehouse eggs. Yes. Today is a good day for breakfast.

Hope it is a good one for you as well.



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