Posted by: King Bee | December 18, 2006

Happy Bowladays!

Tonight I was invited to a private bowling party that was being thrown by this girl named Kelly. I hear she won some talent show that was broadcast on TV. I didn’t really get into it, but she was definitely incredibly sweet. Not too shocking considering how much I love her other friends that we share in common. Like the hilarious Jessie McNamara…

or Sam and Ginny

or the sassy Aunt Mel

or Aben and Ashleyanne, two people I can’t tell them I love enough. Seriously, they get insecure if I don’t say it often.

There were some intimate moments as Aben gave Drew some pointers…

He didn’t seem to have the same for his sister who had her own style…

Aben was giddy after THREE strikes in a row. That only happens to me in baseball.

Thanks again Kel for the party tonight. I hope that singing thing works out for you. Good people deserve good things. Personally, I feel I deserve some sleep. ‘Night all! xo



  1. Bob can you go to and email me your info?

  2. kelly fucking clarkson!?

    your life, i swear, it kilils me. you know how i adore her? yeah. she’s fab. but she looks too thin. tell her not to get too thin! we need curvy girls in the world.

  3. I don’t know about these people you hang out with…..some people might call you LUCKY!!!

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