Posted by: King Bee | March 10, 2007

It came from the future

My Boyfriend: I bought us this chocolate cream pie.
Me: Yum! I love chocolate cream pie (tastes it). Hmmm. Something tastes odd.
BF: It does?
Me: Yeah, you don’t notice it?
BF: Well, a little, but it still tastes good to me.
Me: (after checking the expiration date) Well it expires on March 8th and it tastes a little sour, so I don’t think we should eat it just in case.
BF: It expires on March 8th? I thought that is when it was made!
Me: First of all, you bought it yesterday and secondly, today is March 7th.
BF: So it came from the future?



  1. LOL – Too cute!!

    I think we’ve all had converstaions like that at least once in our lives.

  2. LOL. That is a good one.


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