Posted by: King Bee | March 28, 2007

This made me laugh

Lance has these posted on his myspace page and some one asked, “Is that guy a Red Bull?” I can’t stop laughing.



red bull



  1. That is too funny! When I first saw the picture, I wasn’t too sure who you were until you showed the picture of ABBA. I have to say that you could be the can of Red Bull!

  2. You know its true! 😉

  3. Took me a few minutes to get the connection…..LOL.

  4. Hahaha you kinda do look like the Red Bull dude. ABBA rocks btw and y’all look like you had fun

  5. Lance has a myspace page….. I know he’s gay and all but when did he become a 14 year old girl?

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