Posted by: King Bee | June 9, 2007

A good day at the beach

The funniest thing ever...

Saturday afternoon.
Counting blessings.
Housesitting at the beach.
Sand blanketed earth waits just feet away.
The ocean thrashes in rhythm.
This pleasure I don’t take for granted.
Friends stop by for a cocktail.
Stacy brings her baby.
Kirra cries and then falls asleep in my arms.
Three dollar kites bring hours of joy.
Tossing the frisbee, I feel like a kid.
Kelly’s new CD fills the air.
If everyone felt my current joy,
I know there would be no war.
Soldiers are off defending this fortunate life of mine.
I am thankful for them.
I know that isn’t enough.
But it is a start.
Hope you are relishing your life
on this day, wherever you may be spending it.

Kirra comes to visitTangerine dream.

kirra strikes a pose while andrew and i have tangerine dreams

Who is it?One of these things is not like the other.

This is where I am spending today.

the view from the front porch




  2. I love Andrew more!

  3. Sounds like a perfect day to me. I love those days….they don’t come often enough. But then again, we don’t want them to so as to be taken for granted.

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