Posted by: King Bee | June 17, 2007

Happy Father’s Day

I am in so much trouble. There are seven minutes left in this day. This Sunday the 17th of June. Otherwise known as Father’s Day. A day where most call their father and thank them for life and more often than not, spend the day pampering them. Today, I not only have to give thanks, but also an apology… The day got away and I never called. I can now add worst son to my list of achievements. With minutes left to spare, Happy Father’s Day! (I’ll be calling in the morning) xo

The Men of Buettner



  1. I could almost forgive you if only you used a picture of me smiling but I think I was trying to be the serious one here – Thanks for the attempt – I always liked this picture – but you are not off the hook, I still expect a call today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. When I called my dad, he didn’t answer the phone because he was busy making my dog’s dinner! And he didn’t check the message I left until an hour later…when I was in bed.

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