Posted by: King Bee | July 1, 2007

Goonies R Good Enough



Part One

Part Two



  1. For those of you, who might be wondering: I was petting Sophie, off camera.

  2. OMG -you gotta be kidding with that BOA.

  3. “petting?” is that what we are calling it these days?

    and kind of kidding about the boa… they had them at the show and everyone was wearing them… you won’t get an apology out of me!

  4. Debbie Harry fan guy: we are getting off topic here
    Bob: we don’t have any topics. It’s my show.

    LOL!!! You tell ’em Bob. I love that you have video camera now. Next time you boys get together maybe you can discuss what does it really mean to be an icon? I have never understood that. “she is an icon” I mean seriously, what qualifications must a person have to reach icon status? How does it differ from diva status?

  5. I love the BOA Bob!! Work it!!! I love the guy sitting on the ground in the video..he is really funny!! I think that show was in AC…but I don’t have any friends that would go with me! Love Cyndi…no TIME AFTER TIME!!! WHUUUUTT!!! I love that song! Whateva! That “My puss” thing is runny stuff!! Love the vids!! Keep em comin!!! Love you guys!

  6. runny…I meant FUNNY. I think I’ve been hanging out with my Chinese docs too much…
    What do you guys think of Leonardo Decaprio? Just saw the DEPARTED…yeow…that little boy in Titanic is gone…and HELLO mr hottie! Giddyup!

  7. This is my take on the DIVA/ICON status thing…Diva is someone who is talented yet BITCHY. ICON is Diva to the TENTH power that has been around a LONG time and still selling out….ie BABS, CHER….you know…

  8. Very nice. Very nice. No one wants Donald meat?! Free hairpiece with purchase. 😉

  9. You got some fantastic footage of Cyndi singing Shine! I can’t believe how clear the sound was, too. And I won’t criticize the headband; it was HOT in that apartment, y’all!

  10. I laughed so loudly when your friend said Andrew was 12. 🙂 This video makes me miss you and Beneric!

  11. Great vid!! I love the “My Puss” video; freakin hilarious!!! The first video really made me miss you guys!! Oh, and I can totally hear Eric laughing during “my puss”!! I can also hear Andrew woo-ing afterwards!!!! HAHA!!! Miss ya Bob!!!

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